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Stéphanie Pelaprat

Stéphanie Pelaprat, aged 33, is the founder and CEO at Restopolitan. She graduated in 2005 from a French Business School (ESCE) with one dream: becoming an entrepreneur. Soon enough she created Restopolitan with the ambition to combine her passion for new technologies and gastronomy. Inspired by US Open Table’s successful business model, Restopolitan’s promising starts were severely affected by the economic crisis.

Therefore, in 2012, Stéphanie and her team decided to invent (in less than 72 hours!) a whole new strategy based on one product, with one simple promise : a Membership Card with a 2-for-1 offer at participating restaurants and a Conciergerie service.

In 3 months, that marketing pivot became the key for Restopolitan to reach its break-even point. Since then, Restopolitan has met a 3-digit growth that has seduced some of the most popular French Business Angels (X. Niel, J-A. Granjon, M. Simonicini, S. et J-E. Rosenblum…)