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Rachel Delacour

Together with her business partner (and husband) Nicolas Raspal, Rachel Delacour founded the company behind BIME Analytics, We Are Cloud, in 2009. Their aim was to transform the world of business intelligence (BI) by creating a simple-to-use, accessible and analytically sophisticated cloud BI solution. The company soon developed into an industry disruptor both in France and internationally, and was among the first to put BI into a SaaS/Cloud model. BIME is an acronym for business intelligence made easy.
Unsurprisingly, this French startup success story attracted the attention of bigger players, and in October 2015 the company was acquired by cloud-based customer service company Zendesk (zendesk.com), with BIME Analytics becoming the core technology powering Zendesk’s customer data platform.

Prior to starting BIME, Rachel worked at Carrefour, Bata, and FM LOGISTIC in Russia. Rachel has been recognized with many awards including, but not limited to, La Tribune Women’s award, French State’s Young Innovative Enterprise Award, and by the French Ministry Of Research. Rachel is a graduate of l’Ecole de Management de Marseille.

Rachel started a business which became an international success story, via Paris, Montpellier, and Kansas City. She is a firm believer that today, a business can be built from anywhere, and that by using the cloud to connect teams and reach global markets, geographical boundaries no longer exist in the world of start-ups.

  • Co-Présidente de France Digitale

  • Co-Fondatrice de bimeanalytics, acquérit par Zendesk

  • Manager du Programme Startup à la Station F