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Marie-Vorgan Le Barzic

Marie-Vorgan Le Barzic took the helm of Silicon Sentier, NUMA’s precursor, in 2002, after an initial experience as HR director of a website development and hosting start-up. In a period of crisis for Internet business, Silicon Sentier quickly became a rallying point for corporate projects and collaborative initiatives.

In 2006, Marie-Vorgan launched the “Quartier Numérique” initiative, which enabled dozens of start-ups to test their products and services in vivo. In 2008, “La Cantine” was launched, and became the iconic location for digital innovation for which regional branches were opened with the “Réseau des Cantines”, subsequently renamed TechPlaces. La Cantine was a workspace and a place to exchange knowledge and find talent, a first in Europe.

In 2011, Marie-Vorgan launched “Le Camping”, the first start-up accelerator in France, with the aim of building up a prototype to give French seed investment a new weapon to use against investors from English-speaking countries. In addition to its own success – NUMA’s accelerator is in its 7th season, the amount of times it has been replicated shows just how pioneering this initiative was.

With the ambition to move her focus to new areas, Marie-Vorgan raised more than €4M in 2015 to accelerate NUMA’s development, of which €1M was collected from 330 shareholders coming together through equity crowdfunding.

NUMA launched its international development in 2015 and has since opened offices in Bangalore, Barcelona, Casablanca, Mexico City, Moscow and Paris.

In addition to her role as NUMA’s CEO, MVLB is also Chair of the Centre National de la Danse, a public figure associated with the French Economic, Social and Environmental Council (CESE) and member of the Paris City Hall Conseil d’attractivité (attractiveness council).

Marie Vorgan Le Barzic est une entrepreneuse française, présidente de NUMA. Originaire de Bretagne, elle débute sa carrière à Paris dans les ressources humaines, avant de prendre la direction du Silicon Sentier, acteur pionnier de l’innovation en France.

En 2014, Marie Vorgan engage la transformation de l’association qui devient NUMA, une entreprise aujourd’hui présente à Paris et New York et disposant d'un réseau actif dans plusieurs villes du monde.