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Isabelle Bordry

Isabelle graduated from Université Paris IX Dauphine where she earned a Master of Management Science. In 1993, she joined Hachette Filipacchi media group (Lagardère), where she worked on the marketing of two leading magazines, TV guide Télé 7 Jours and parenthood monthly Parents. In 1996, Isabelle moved to Hachette’s Grolier Interdeco to lead the marketing of France’s first Internet sites.

In June 1997 Isabelle moved to Yahoo!, became CEO of Yahoo! France in 2001 and COO of Yahoo! Europe three years later.

In 2007 Isabelle decided to switch to an entrepreneurial career and founded a holding company focusing notably on the development of e-commerce opportunities. In 2012 she sold a set of e-commerce operating assets to leading US e-commerce operator

In 2014 Isabelle founded Retency – a company that invents advanced software and hardware technologies, to provide Brick & Mortar retailers and mall operators with in-store attendance Analytics and high-performance Advertising.

Early pioneer of the Internet, Isabelle has contributed to the development and structuring of the French digital advertising market, notably as Vice-President of France’s Internet Advertising Bureau (2001-04), as an active participant to AFA (the association regrouping France’s access providers) and as an executive member of the leading association Renaissance Numérique.

Isabelle has also committed to wider issues by participating to France’s political life, as Vice-President of the Génération Citoyens party. Isabelle was the party’s chief candidate at the 2014 European elections for Paris area.

Isabelle is a Member of the Board of Netgem, a Member of the Board of the Fonds Google pour l’Innovation Numérique de la Presse, and since June 2016, a Member of the Board of the French insurance and banking group Groupama.