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Emmanuelle Duez

Emmanuelle is a passionate serial entrepreneur. Being a good millennial, her early 20’s were dedicated to non-stop studying: Law, then Sciences Po and ESSEC in Paris, and Bocconi in Milan. In 2011 she founded Women-Up, France’s first organisation dedicated to questioning both gender and generational topics. It’s aim: place youth, and more generally people, at the heart of diversity policies. In 2013 Emmanuelle launched The Boson Project, a disruptive consulting firm committed to answering one question: what if human capital was truly valued, and using it was the only real way to transform organisations for good? In 2014 she put her energy at the service of the French Navy. Today she has earned the rank of Enseigne de Vaissea, putting her effort into building bridges between civilian society and the world of military service. Speaker, author, and head of three organisations, she uses her limitless energy to spread the word about the opportunities of our new era.
“Wear pink glasses and roll up your sleeves!”