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Claude Terosier

Claude Terosier is the founder and CEO of Magic Makers, a French start up that allows kids from 6 to 15 to learn how to code in order to learn how to create.

After an ingeneer diploma and more than ten years in the telecommunications sector, Claude wants her kids to learn coding.

Problem : there are no places to learn code as a child in France.

Solution : let’s create a place where kids can learn how to code in France and become young makers !

Three years after, Magic Makers has been incubated by Paris Pionnières, is accompanied by Econocom & 50 Parners, collaborates with Microsoft, Parrot & Unicef France, owns 6 centres in Paris & Bordeaux, promotes its workshops in more & more places, relies on 20 employees, 50 facilitators & is still growing up !

Claude is one of these inspiring entrepreneur woman, who continually innovates and leads teams to their best. Worka-holic, creative and always on the run, her strongest wish is to allow every french kid the possibility to learn to code.