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Cécile Brosset

Cécile Brosset Graduated of Science-Po Paris and HEC Paris, Cécile Brosset began her career in 2007 at Bain & Company, a leading international strategy consulting firm. In 2012 she joined the FSI (Strategic Investment Fund) as Head of the strategy. Cécile joined the newborn Bpifrance in 2013 as Director of Innovation Development. She has contributed to the redesign of the major financing mechanisms and has helped positioning Bpifrance at the heart of a bubbling French Tech ecosystem. During this period, Cécile noted unmet needs in supporting companies on growth, innovation and digital transformation. She created Le Hub to connect startups with large groups. She is currently the Director of Le Hub Bpifrance, which she manages horizontally. Cécile thus built in a few months a team of 14 talents dedicated to connect traditional companies and innovation. In two years, Le Hub has become the platform for Bpifrance’s connection between traditional economy and innovation, large groups and startups.

Cécile Brosset est diplômée de Sciences-Po et d’HEC. Elle commence sa carrière en 2007 à Bain & Company. Elle se joint à Bpifrance en 2013 en tant que Directrice du Développement d’Innovation. Elle contribue énormément au positionnement de Bpifrance au coeur de l’écosystème de la tech française. Elle a créé Le Hub afin de lier les startups avec de plus grands groupes.