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Caroline Lair

Caroline Lair is the co-founder of Women in AI   a non profit aiming at reducing the gender gap in AI and raise the next generation of women leaders in the field. She’s also part of the business team at Snips, building the next generation of blockchain-based AI Voice Assistant. Prior to joining Snips, Caroline did operate in various business development positions at Apple, Nik Software and joined Hardware Club investment firm as an investor and partner. Caroline hold two master’s degrees in business and international relations.

Caroline is a genuine connector, passionate about bringing people together and create impactful synergies. Within WAI, she’s leading the first community of women experts and professionals in AI gathering 900 women from 60 different countries and still growing. Community is at the core of WAI : it is a fabulous tool to inspire and empower women who often lack confidence leveraging on on our amazing abilities to share, support, show empathy and trust each other. Within the community, women can learn, find resources for any project whether it is education, recruitment, consulting, mentoring, entrepreneurship etc. Caroline has been nurturing this virtuous endogenous movement for the last 18 months and expects to see the first WAI generation of rising role models emerging in 2019.

Caroline est la co-fondatrice de Women in AI  (WAI), une association française à but non lucratif qui développe le 1er réseau international et spécialisé de femmes dans l’IA. Elle fait également partie de l’équipe business de, pépite française, qui développe une solution d’assistant vocal en embarqué.

Au sein de WAI, Caroline dirige une communauté de près de 950 membres de plus de 60 pays, épaulée par 22 ambassadeurs. La communauté est au centre de WAI : soutien, partage et accès à de multiples ressources et contenus (éducation, évènements, recherche) pour nourrir les projets de chacune et encourager les femmes à prendre leur place dans l’industrie de l’Intelligence Artificielle.