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Anne Bouverot

Anne was previously Director General of the GSMA, which represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide, spanning 220 countries. She is also a Member of its Board. She brought to the GSMA a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success in the highly dynamic mobile industry. Currently, she is the CEO of Morpho, which is a globally leading company in identity and security solutions with over 8400 employees in over 40 countries.

With a deep understanding of the opportunities and the challenges facing mobile operators today, she leads the GSMA as the essential industry partner for its operator members around the world, enabling their continued success through driving innovation, providing thought leadership and advocating for the industry.

Before joining the GSMA, Anne was Executive Vice President for Mobile Services for France Telecom Orange, where she defined the strategic transformation programmes for a business serving more than 120 million customers and revenues of more than 14 billion euros at the time.

Prior to France Telecom Orange, Anne led a 600-person business unit of Equant and was responsible for developing IT services for Equant’s multinational business customers. She began her career in telecommunications as project manager for Telmex in Mexico in 1991.

Anne is also encouraging of young women to consider a profession in ICT, believing that they have the ability to create change every day, especially in the mobile industry in low and middle income countries.

As director general of the GSMA, Anne Bouverot has made attracting more women to the mobile and ICT industries a big part of her agenda, and during her tenure the association launched the Connected Women initiative with that goal in mind.

The Connected Women program hosts events around the world which focus on bringing together experts from across the mobile ecosystem to discuss ways the industry can accelerate the growth of women in the wireless industry.

Anne Bouverot est Senior Advisor de TowerBrook Capital Partners. Elle a été Présidente de Safran Identity & Security (Morpho) de 2015 à 2017, société fournissant des solutions de biométrie et cryptographie pour les gouvernements et entreprises, avec 8 600 personnes dans 55 pays et 2B€ de chiffre d’affaires. Elle était également Présidente de MorphoTrust USA, Morpho Detection International et Morpho Cards GmbH. Avant cela, elle a dirigé pendant 4 ans la GSMA, l’association mondiale des opérateurs mobiles, basée à Londres. Elle était auparavant responsable du développement international puis Executive Vice President, Mobile Services, Orange, basée à Paris. Elle a commencé sa carrière comme chef de projet informatique chez Telmex à Mexico. Anne Bouverot est administratrice indépendante de Capgemini, Edenred et Cellnex Telecom, et Présidente de la Fondation Abeona (Data Science for Fairness & Equality). Elle est Chevalière de l’Ordre du Mérite, et de la Légion d’Honneur. Elle est ancienne élève de l’Ecole Normale Supérieure en Mathématiques, membre du Corps des Mines (Télécommunications) et titulaire d’un doctorat en Intelligence Artificielle.