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Angélique Zettor

Angélique “Angy” Zettor is a dynamic and passionate person who knows that with willpower and dedication, anything is possible. Angy started from humble beginnings, but her passion for school and success brought her to where she is today: co-founder and co-CEO one of the most innovative Android companies in the world.

Drawn to entrepreneurship at an early age, Angelique presided, in parallel with finishing her studies, an association specializing in consulting ranging from business creation to social purpose. She also chaired the largest student organization in France with nearly 1,600 members. For the next two years she worked at Linagora as an engineer in business development before embarking on her own adventure.

Angy co-created Genymobile in 2011, a French startup that has become the number one Enterprise Android solution worldwide. Angélique holds a master’s degree in Management and Marketing of Information Technology from ISC Paris, and has won a lot of awards for her entrepreneurial work. One of these is the Ivy Award for leaders under 35 in the technology sector that have a strong personality and ambitious plans for their company. She was recently featured in an article in The Hundert focusing on her vision for Genymobile’s business culture, which is at the core of Angy’s strategy. Her conviction is that if the culture is done right, most of the business offerings including the client relationship and the recognition of expertise will come naturally.

Angy is often referred to as the left hemisphere of Genymobile. Through her personal and professional experience, she is willing to give people a chance because she strongly believes in participative management. Angy strives to build a company where people want to go to work every day and work their hardest, all the while building long lasting friendships.