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Alix de Sagazan

Alix de Sagazan is CEO at AB Tasty, a leading SaaS solution that helps data-driven marketers tailor user-experience and increase conversion rates through A/B testing and content personalization. The company is present worldwide with offices in Paris, London, Cologne, New York, Madrid and Sydney and sells its solution in more than 50 countries.

33 years old mom Alix has begun her career as a Product Manager at Hi-Media agency, where she was taking care of online advertising. Later on she joined Digital Agency Keyade as an SEM/Affiliation Manager. In 2009, Alix co-founded Liwio, a web analytics consulting agency specialising in conversion rate optimisation, alongside her associate Rémi Aubert. After noticing the need for tools helping marketers make statistically reliable choices, Rémi and Alix reframed the company and started building the AB Tasty software.